About SelPac

SelPac is one of the leading worldwide suppliers of induction and closure lining material to the cosmetic, food, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and agrochemical sectors. The company was founded in 2009 following a decrease in competition and is run by a highly skilled and experienced team.

SelPac are able to supply a full range of high quality lining materials worldwide through our headquarters in the UK, as well as having a close network of specialist agents offering locally held stock and technical support.

It is our goal to become the premier liner supplier in Europe by remaining focused on our three key principles.

To achieve the highest quality, we ensure:

All materials are FDA approved

Raw materials are from high quality suppliers

Ensure all raw materials meet and exceeds specification

We manufacture to the lowest cost:

Working with our exclusive partner based in India

 Ensure best use of all master roll widths in slitting / punching

 Keeping overhead costs under control

 Manufacture right the first time!

We aim to provide the best customer service by:

 Being open and honest with customers at all times

 Working in partnership with our customers

 Standing behind our products