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Material CodeDescriptionCaliperApplications
Monoliner 700P0.70mm Pulpboard0.7mmFood / Cosmetic
Monoliner900P0.90mm Pulpboard0.9mmFood / Cosmetic
Monoliner 700D0.70mm Duplexboard0.7mmNon Food
Monoliner 900D0.90mm Duplexboard0.9mmNon Food
Monoliner 700PR0.70mm Pulpboard + PET 0.012mm0.71mmFood / Cosmetic
Monoliner 900PR0.90mm Pulpboard + PET 0.012mm0.91mmFood / Cosmetic
Monoliner 900PAB0.90mm Pulpboard + Alu 0.025mm + PET0.015mm0.94mmFood / Cosmetic
Monoliner 1000FAB1.0mm EPE Foam + Alu 0.025mm + PET 0.015mm1.04mmFood / Cosmetic
Monoliner 900FP1300.9mm EPE Foam + Paper 100gsm1.03mmFood / Cosmetic
Monoliner 1500FP1301.5mm EPE Foam + Paper 100gsm1.63mmFood / Cosmetic
Monoliner 1500F2PET 0.012mm + 1.5mm EPE Foam + PET 0.012mm1.52mmFood / Cosmetic
Monoliner 1000FLDPE Film 0.04mm + 1.0mm EPE Foam + LDPE Film 0.04mm1.08mmFood / Cosmetic
Monoliner 1000F11.0mm EPE Foam + PET 0.012mm1.01mmFood / Cosmetic
Monoliner 1000F2PET Film 0.012mm + 1.0mm EPE Foam + PET Film 0.012mm1.02mmFood / Cosmetic
Monoliner 1000F3Sticky Back + 1.0mm EPE Foam + PET Film 0.012mm1.03mmNon Food
Monoliner 1500FH11.0mm HD EPE Foam + PET Film 0.012mm1.0mmFood / Cosmetic
Monoliner 1500FH2PET Film 0.012mm + 1.0mm HD EPE Foam + PET Film 0.012mm1.52mmFood / Cosmetic
Monoliner 1500FH3Sticky Back + 1.0mm HD EPE Foam + PET Film 0.012mm1.53mmNon Food